What Does a Water Damage Service Do?

If your home or business recently experienced flooding in the Sky Lake or Orlando area, you are advised to seek the help of a reliable Orlando water damage restoration service as quickly as possible. While the standing water may be gone, its impact will not. The longer that possessions, furniture, décor, and other items are allowed to sit in damp and moist conditions, the greater the risk of nasty molds developing.

Where there is mold, there are pests and insects. It is not just things like termites that are drawn to wet conditions because rats and bacteria are fond of it too. Mold is a condition that you want to avoid at all costs, so let a water damage team in Orlando deal with the hard work while you sort out your insurance. Home Interior Water leaking damaged plasterboard and carpet
Water Leaking Damaged Home

The following explains a little bit more about why a water damage restoration service is necessary after flooding.

Fast and Efficient Responses

One of the greatest advantages of calling in an Orlando water damage team is how fast they can get to work. So this can make all the difference because moisture only needs a day of exposure to start breaking materials down. After this point, many items and possessions need to be thrown away, because they are no longer safe for use. The first step, in all restoration cases, is to remove any leftover water and survey the extent of the damage.


Water Damage


Making the Right Judgments

Water damage techs in the Sky Lake area o Orlando makes objective (and experienced) judgments about which items can be rescued and what needs to be thrown away. While this is likely to be a tough process for the occupants, removing contaminated materials is essential. If left to rot and decay, the pose a risk to health.

Drying Out the Environment

Once everything that can be saved is saved, it is time for the restoration team to start bringing the damaged environment back to life.

Restoration gets done by drying it out with powerful tools and equipment. It may require a few days or more, so the occupants of the home or business cannot be on site at this time. Throughout the process, the restoration specialists steadily monitor how moist the area is by measuring the air with moisture reading devices.

Helping the Occupants to Return

You return to the property once the technicians determine that all threats and hazards are gone. Threats and Hazards include the risks posed by microbes, bacteria, and viruses. You cannot return to your home or business before getting the all clear. You could end up getting sick if you become exposed to damp that has been decaying for some time.


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